How to Apply for Student Pilot License

As of April 1st, 2016, the FAA has changed how prospective pilots apply for a student pilot license. Previously, simply getting a medical exam, walking into the local FSDO, or sweet-talking your local Designated Examiner would land you a Student Pilot Certificate. Now, we must navigate the fun and joys of IACRA (or the Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application) website. What follows is a general guide for the student to get registered and submit your application for your Student Pilot License.

Step 1 - Go to


Point your browser at the webiste and click Register in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 2: Select your Role and Agree to TOS

 IACRA Step 2


1: Select your Role as an Applicant, and then Accept (or not) the Terms of Service (TOS).

IACRA Terms of Service

Step 3: User Profile Info

1. SKIP the Certificate Information, you don’t have one yet.
2. Fill out Personal Information.

You DO NOT have to use your SSN, in fact it’s better that you don’t. Simply select Do Not Use.


3. Fill out the rest of the blocks, create a username and password, then click Register.
4. Now that you’re registered, log in at the IACRA home page again and Accept TOS as Applicant.


Step 4: Start a New Application

1. Start a New Application, then:

2. Choose Application Type: Pilot.

3. Select Student Pilot

4. Start Application

Step 5: Complete and Submit Application

Each of the sections will “accordion” out as you step through them with the Save and Continue button. Simply validate the information you see under Personal Information, then click Save and Continue. You MUST answer the questions under Certificate Held, but the rest is usually filled out for you. When done, simply answer the Yes or No (probably No) under Review and Submit at the bottom. Once you click that radio button, the website has to think about it for a second and then it will display some warnings and text. At the bottom is the Student Summary.

You have to click each button in sequence, then Close the window that opens after verifying the information at each step. After clicking Submit Application, you will be directed to an exit page with your Application Number and FTN Number. KEEP your FTN number, and give it to the CFI who will be processing your application. Whew! You’re done until your CFI needs you to electronically sign your application after he/she completes their portion of the application process.

Congratulations on completing an important step to becoming a Pilot!