Flight Training Reference Books and Documents

FAA Handbooks & Advisory Circulars:

FAA-H-8083-1A Aircraft Weight & Balance
FAA-H-8083-2 CH 1 Risk Management Handbook
FAA-H-8083-3B Airplane Flying Handbook
FAA-H-8083-6 Advanced Avionics Handbook
FAA-H-8083-9A Aviation Instructors Handbook
FAA-H-8083-15B Instrument Flying Handbook
FAA-H-8083-16B Instrument Procedures Handbook
FAA-H-8083-25B Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
Advisory Circular 20-103 Aircraft Engine Crankshaft Failure
Advisory Circular 91-43 Unreliable Airspeed Indications
Advisory Circular 90-23G Aircraft Wake Turbulence
Advisory Circular 60-22 Aeronautical Decision Making
Advisory Circular 61-67C Stall and Spin Awareness Training Chg 2
Advisory Circular 65-12A Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics Airframe Handbook
Advisory Circular 65-15A Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics Powerplant Handbook
Advisory Circular 117-2 Fatigue Education and Awareness Training Program
Advisory Circular 117-3 Fitness for Duty
Advisory Circular 120-42B Extended Operations (ETOPS and Polar Operations)
Advisory Circular 120-51E Crew Resource Management Training
Advisory Circular 120-100 Basics of Aviation Fatigue
Advisory Circular 120-109 Stall and Stick Pusher Training
Advisory Circular 20-117 Hazards Following Ground Deicing and Ground Operations in Conditions…
AC61-98C Currency Requirements & Guidance for BFR and IPC
SA_006 Safety Alert - Aircraft Ground Icing

FAA Weather Advisory Circulars:

Advisory Circular 00-6B Aviation Weather
Advisory Circular 00-30B Atmospheric Turbulence Avoidance
Advisory Circular 00-45H Aviation Weather Services
Advisory Circular 00-54 Pilot Windshear Guide
Advisory Circular 91-13C Cold Weather Operation of Aircraft
Safety Alert (NTSB) SA-006 Aircraft Ground Icing
Advisory Circular 91-74A Pilot Guide: Flight In Icing Conditions
NOAA Operations Manual Issuance 95-2 (NC409502.pdf)

FAA Testing Supplements (Figures Books):

Airline Transport Pilot and Aircraft Dispatcher CT-8080-7D
Flight Engineer
Flight or Ground Instructor 8080-5H
Commercial Pilot 8080-1E
Instrument Rating & Instrument Instructor 8080-3F (Legend and Figures 1 - 271)
Recreational and Private Pilot 8080-2G

Miscellaneous Documents - Forms - Links

Learning Statements for Airman Knowledge Testing
FAA Form 8710-1 Airman Certificate/Rating Application
FAA Form 8610-1 Airman Certificate/Rating Application
FAA Form 8610-2 Airman Certificate/Rating Application
FAA Airman Knowledge Testing Requirements Matrix
Aeronautical Chart User’s Guide – 12th Edition
Airfield Markings and Signs Quiz
Relief for U.S. Military and Civilian Personnel Who Are Assigned Outside the United States
Advisory Circular 61-89E – Pilot Certificates (Centerline Thrust Aircraft on Last Page)
Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators 00-80T-80